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CSMS ENI I telp/Wa: 0821 1352 1877

Mengapa Penyusunan dokumen csms itu sesuatu momok yang menakutkan bagi perusahaan swasta dalam pengikuti sebuah tender di bidang oil and gas, rekayasa industry, pabrik kertas, geothermal, pln dan PUPR dan lain-lain?.

CSMS-Contarctor Safety Management System merupakan sebuah mandatory yang harus di di ikuti oleh semua perusahaan yang mau ikut sebuah tender tampa terkecuali di masing-masing bidang diatas. Csms – Contractor Safety Management system haru detail di jawab, dilampirkan dan disusun sesuai dengan Quistioner Form yang di berikan ke masing2 perusahaan yang telah register ke sebuah perusahaan pengadaan tender (misalnya csms pertamina, csms Sinar mas, eni, csms Pln, csms Medco, csms Rekin dan lain-lain).

Istilah-istilah penyebutan dokumen form csms terkait juga akan berubah ubah atau tidak sama, contohnya untuk di ENI di sebut Contractor HSE Qualification Questionnaires, di pertamina di sebut csms, di medco di sebut k3ll dan lain-lain. Tetapi pada intinya semua bicara tentang HSE dokumen.
Berikut kami share contoh Quistioner csms eni (Contractor HSE Qualification Questionnaires) untuk section satunya, tentunya csms eni section 1 ini belum tentu sama dengan section leader and commitment dengan perusahaan lainnya.

1. Commitment to HSE through leadership          
a)            How do senior managers as top management personally involved in HSE management? 
PT. XYZ management has an active participation in all HSE manners. PT. XYZ has a ZERO program, this program was running worldwide in all PT. XYZ duty. 
Senior Managers are involved through ZERO Program where each of them is given role in achieving the objectives. Managers participate in HSE assessments (audits) and HSE Team program. 
Evidence documents example :  
a.            HSE Policy (signed by Senior Manager)
b.            HSE meeting attendance list (with senior manager involved)
c.             Site/Management Visit (visit report, etc)
d.            Yearly HSE Program setting          (Attachment 1)
Refer to Attachment
1: HSE Policy that has been endorsed (signed) by President Director, Management Facility Assessment/Visit Schedule, copy of VP assessment report and copy of emails from Senior Managers related to HSE Issues, MOM of HSE Meeting                 (signed by senior manager)
e.            HSE program Audit (audit report, audit plan)
f.             Other specify________
b)            Provide evidence of commitment at all levels of the organization by:
Answer : PT. XYZ has Zero databases
Inside the database we can see our progress to Zero. ZERO health and safety incidents. ZERO environmental incidents. ZERO nonproductive time.
We’ll post the data for every month, by region and by product service line. The better we perform, the higher we set our standards, the faster we’ll get to ZERO. The goal: Nothing but ZERO. Yes. Refer to Attachment

Facility Assessment/Visit Schedule. Also refer to Attachment 2: Zero Commitment, HSE & SQ Strategy Plan and Key Performance Index and Copy of HSE Induction Form (signed by worker).
Evidence documents example :  
a.            HSE commitment signed by workers
b.            HSE induction Socializations (involved all workers)
c.             Others (Specify) ________           Attachment 2

Answer :
PT. XYZ encourage positive HSE performance by implementing an awards program. The program will recognize individuals or teams who distinguish themselves by facilitating the Company’s achievement of superior HSE results. 
PT. XYZ has implemented an award program in the form of the Training Awarded Employee HSE Appraisal.

Through Zero program. HSE is a core value in      
Evidence documents example :  
a.            HSE campaign Program
b.            Behavior Based Safety program implementation
c.             Photo of HSE signs, posters, banners boards events in the workplace
d.            Others (specify) ________           Attachment 3
PT. XYZ employees at all levels of the Company have HSE imbedded in their annual performance review.
— PT. XYZ encourage all Manager Level to get their people active participating in all HSE matters and we have conducted assessment in an annually basis. 
— Communicate all HSE matters in regular safety monthly meeting, safety stand down if needed. 
— New Hire Induction program – 24 hrs for new people hiring consolidated with HSE, HR and Finance
— Visitor induction program was running smoothly in all PT. XYZ Indonesia Duty Facility. 
— Online and instructor class activity training also provide to socialize all HSE requirements
Attachment 3: Work Program; PT. XYZ’s Management Visit Program and copy of HSE Award receipt,
Sample of Hazard Observation Card (HOC), and Picture of HSE Notice Board          ………..and more….

Dari contoh diatas sedikit banyak menambah pengetahuan para pembaca untuk lebih lagi PUSINGTUJUH Keliling dalam menjawab Form Quistioner CSMS itu khususnya Form Quistioner ENI. Bagaimana dengan form questioner dari pengadaan lainnya seperti form questioner csms pertamina, form questioner rekin dan lain-lain?

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